Cookies Notice

In terms of EU Cookies Directive (e-Privacy Directive), since websites directed towards EU citizens must inform users/visitors that cookies are in use, how these cookies are used, and obtain consent before cookies can be used, EU based users must refer to the terms and information of our Cookies Notice.

What are cookies?

In the context of computers, cookies are small files that contain information about browsing activity. Whenever you visit a website, the website sends a cookie to the device you’re using to access the website. Your device automatically stores the cookie in a file that’s located within your web browser. When you revisit a site, the website will respond in a more personalized way, remembering your preferences, providing faster page load times and so forth.

Why they are used?

Cookies allow us to improve the way our website and Mobile App work so that we can personalise your experience and allow you to use many of their useful features. Cookies can help us to understand how our Website and Mobile Apps are being used. We use cookies to help us deliver online advertising that we believe is most relevant to the users on our website and other organisation’s website and using social media.

How they are used?

The purpose of this is to let our users know exactly what’s happening with their information so they can decide whether they want to allow your website to store cookies on their device or not.

A Cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer or mobile device. Like many websites and Mobile Apps, we use Cookies and similar technologies to collect additional website usage data and to operate our services. Cookies help us personalise and enhance your online experience with PLEB.


We clearly provide a notice, to users that our website and mobile app is using cookies. Our Cookies Pop Up:


We obtain prior informed, specific, and voluntary consent before cookies are placed on a user’s computer equipment and before information about a user’s computer equipment is accessed.

By clicking to the "I Agree" at the Cookies Pop-up the user amounts to provide affirmative consent.


We inform that the following types of cookies can be used without first obtaining consent from the user:

  1. Cookies that are used solely for the purpose of transmitting a communication, and
  1. Cookies that are absolutely necessary for a website to provide the service that the user is requesting.



Users can opt in or opt out of cookies at any point of time – except strictly necessary cookies (these are used to make our website and mobile app work efficiently). Click on the Cookies Settings button located at your address bar (can be shaped like a lock or shield) to control your cookies, and switch each cookie to Active or Inactive.

Alternatively, you can enable or disable cookies in your browser, if you wish to restrict or block the cookies set by any website. You can do this through each web browser settings for each web browser you use, on each device you use to access the internet.