Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Below is the trademarks and service marks owned by Zivost Technologies Private Limited, related to the Pleb brand. However the following list contains the Intellectual Rights secured by Zivost Technologies Private Limited (“The Company”) but extends to all Intellectual rights secured in the name of the Company for Pleb, whether or not mentioned below due to any reason.

You may not use the below marks without authorization from Zivost Technologies Private Limited. If granted authorization and you use the below marks in publications distributed only in the United States, include the appropriate ™ or ® symbol on at least the first use and on those subsequent uses where the marks appear prominently. For publications distributed outside the United States, use of the ™ notice symbol is acceptable. It is also appropriate to use, instead of the trademark symbols, the trademark legends in the forms listed below:

Trademark Legends:

For applied trademarks: PLEB is the exclusive trademark of Zivost Technologies Private Limited, and is used with permission.

Pleb. logo:

For the Pleb. logo, please also indicate that the logo is copyright-protected. This can be done through either the combination symbol "™&©", or the following legend (in addition to the above trademark legend):

The omission of a product, service name or logo from the below list does not constitute a waiver of any trademark or other intellectual property rights related to that product, name or logo.

If you see a website or app that uses a Pleb trademark inappropriately, we would like to hear about it. Report inappropriate use of a Pleb trademark to

Trademarks and Service Marks