Modern Day Romances

These days potential life partners are chosen by swiping right instead of marrying young. It’s all about Carpe Diem.

August 21, 2019 - 4 minute read -
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Modern Romances

Long gone are the days of letters, wishful glances and arrange marriages. They are now replaced by short texts, tinder and live in relationships. These days potential life partners are chosen by swiping right instead of marrying young. It’s all about Carpe Diem. Relationships are progressing faster than today’s technology. In a world where now even groceries are bought online, how can we expect people to find their respective partners through traditional methods. Nonetheless, this hasn’t decreased the romance in modern day relationships. Only the definition of romance is transformed or rather reformed. Modern day definition of romance is all about Netflix and chill, pizza nights and Instagram stories. But, what it is majorly about is, being comfortable. Its about love and lust. Its about equality. Its subjective at the most basic level. It doesn’t matter if your parents like them or if his ‘massi ki behen ki bua’ doesn’t like them, its about you liking them first, its about falling in love first then making them meet your parents, it’s about if your career matters or them. And all these are quite valid questions with definitive answers. Of course, all other factors like family, money, society and many more matter but unlike earlier times they are last on the priority list, maybe not even there at all. Prince charming on a white horse is replaced by a tattooed woman on an airplane. But how to keep this romance alive in this monotonous same day-in, day-out patterned life? Here are some easy but worth it ways to keep those butterflies alive.

1. Communication is the key

This is one of the most basic and significant way. Talk to each other, share your problems and jokes, send each other voice messages, pictures and memes. It’s important to your significant other that you are putting in efforts for them even in your mundane yet busy routine. 

2. Say, ‘I love you.’

Now most of you may argue that why show when you can feel. But what you don’t know is that how much there three letters can make a difference. Make it a point to say this to your partner at least twice a day or leave notes for him/her and you will see a positive difference for sure!

3. Break those traditions 

As much you love those pizza nights but break those routines occasionally to go on dates. Or go grocery shopping with your partner. Do something different. These little things matter way more than we realise. 

4. Be spontaneous

The thrill of trying something can bring the dying spark in your relationship back to life. Explore and try new things which excite you both. Research has shown that spontaneity is very important for a long, content and happy relationship. 

5. ‘Me-time’ is a must 

Often when we are in a relationship, you tend to ignore ourselves. Everything you do is with your partner. But that’s wrong. Everyone needs their own time. Take that break from your partner and spend some time alone. Being fulfilled individually will make you happy mutually. Also, this way they will miss you more!

6. Hide those phones

Yeah! You read it right. Every weekend hide those life-saviours of yours’ and have a meal without them. We may not realise but we actually waste a lot our ‘together’ time on our phones. So, when you will do this, you will really talk to your better halves just like your earlier dates and that will bring that spark back! 

7. Join something together 

If you guys have a busy schedule which doesn’t give you time to go out often then join a weekend class or club together. This way you will spend time together as well as doing something productive!

8. Family who eats together 

Make sure to eat a meal together daily. This will help you communicate and that itself it the foundation of any good relationship.

9. Send each other gifts

We are not taking expensive things here. Anything from flowers to food will work here. Main aim of this activity is to make the other person feel special. And that’s all what matters.

10. Send this link to your partner

Send him this link and he will know what you are feeling, and your relationship will bloom!

So, don’t worry! It happens to the best of the couples. What matters is that you realise it, recognize it and work on it. Just seize every opportunity to spend time together and you will see the magic!

Its time to bring back the love!

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Navya Bahl