Moving to a new city and meeting new people

What makes this move tougher, is to meet new people and make friends with them.

August 19, 2019 - 3 minute read -

New City

Moving to a new city is a big deal. You are leaving your comfort zone behind to build a new life all together. You are full of excitement and fear to explore this new place full of fresh faces and opportunities. But what makes this move tougher, is to meet new people and make friends with them. Like you already don’t have enough on your plate from finding grocery stores to understanding the local transport, now you have to make friends too! You have to let your guard down, adjust, compromise and behave in certain way in the beginning just to have someone to connect to. It’s the melancholy which hits you the hardest at first and this loneliness makes you do crazy things. Like saying yes to every plan someone makes or being extra sweet to everyone you come across just to get ‘accepted’ in that already existing social circle. And, then comes the hard realization of ‘what am I doing? I was never like this, I wouldn’t have done this, I am not going to doing this anymore!’ This is like a circle of life. Only if you had good apps to find ‘friends!’

But why should making friends should be priority? Because apart from them being a luxury in your life, they are significant for good mental health. Being alone does things to your state of mind that nobody wants. So, you need to prioritize making friends. We know this is a dreadful process because often we don’t know where, how or when to start. Should we say hi to people randomly, should we talk about a certain topic, should we compliment them? So many questions and no answers. Its like being stuck in spider’s web with no way out. So, let us help you. We know this transition can be tough. Here are a few pointers to help you make friends or at least push you out of your comfort zone to make connection with somebody.

1. Opening yourself for conversations 

In your daily life, try to be open to people. Strike a conversation where ever you can. You may not make friends, but it will boost your confidence

2. Reach out to friends of friends 

Ask your friends if they know someone in the city. Meet these people, hang out and get to know the city!

3. Make efforts with your co-workers

These people already have a social circle, so for you to become a part of that, you must take steps. Strike a conversation with them, go out for lunch, text them first. Take the first step!

4. Join a gym, club, class, a meetup group….

Try and join something which revolve around your interests. What better way but to make friends with same interests!

5. Meet people online 

This may seem a far-fetched idea, but it actually works at times! There are many groups which you can join and when you finally connect with someone, you can meetup. There is nothing wrong in trying right?

We know adjusting in a new city can be difficult so just try a few of these points and maybe you will connect with someone. But what’s more important is to be your real self because that’s what people will genuinely fall for.

So be you!

Written By

Navya Bahl